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Commercial Cleaning

Be Confident In Your Workplace

Your building sanitary, secure, and successful. Customers are too important to lose over small details.


Happier Employees


Increased Customer Experience


Time Saved

Build Confidence In Your Space

It’s No Secret, People Prefer Clean. In fact, cleanliness influences most anything we do, decisions we make, and the opinions we form of other people and places.

For example:

How do you feel about dirty doctor’s offices?

How about a dirty hotel room?

What comes to mind when you touch sticky door handles?

Are you eager to shake someone’s hand after watching them sneeze into it? / Did your shake sneezy’s hand over there?

Do you consider bathroom breaks on road trips based on cleanliness?

Working With Classy Cleaning


Our Team. Your Schedule.

We’ll familiarize ourselves with your building to create a cleaning routine that is right for you and your needs. 

Your satisfaction is the only priority.


Multiple Facility Types

We have experience with facilities of all sizes and from many different industries. Our staff is ready to meet your facility’s unique needs.


Professional Services

When it comes to running a business, we know the importance of selecting reliable service providers. And when it comes to cleaning, you want professional services who show up when they are supposed to, communicate, & who treat your facility as their own rather than make themselves at home.