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Hard Floor Cleaning

Get The Show Room Shine You’ve Always Wanted

Floors are the first thing we sub-consciously notice when we enter a room. The appearance of your floors is often an indication of how everything else cleaned and maintained. To keep floors at their best, you need an effective hard floor care program. No matter your floor type, we customize a successful floor care program to suit your floors needs.

Types of Floors We Clean






Brick & Stone

Your Floors Back How You Like Them

Keeping your tiles, stone, or brick floors at their best with just a mop only works for so long. Restoring your floors back to pristine condition is hard, back breaking work. Armed with a small brush and store bought “tile and grout cleaner” seams to only give you sore knees and backache not spotless floor. Now you are left with sticky floors from the soap attracting dirt back to your freshly cleaned floors. Grout is prone to build-up because of its porous nature. Without tough scrubbing and rinsing, grout lines become filthy caked up grooves in your floor.

Saves your hands, knees, and back an afternoon on the floor with Classy Cleaning. Using our contained low pressure water extraction system to clean and restore your tiles, stone, or brick floors. The difference will make you fall in love with your floors all over again.

Need Full Floor Refinishing?

Does your stone or brick have a protective coating on them? Have you ever applied a finish to make them really POP? It’s time to restore the bright colors of your tile, stone, or bricks?

Have you applied an over-the-counter acrylic finish to shine your floors. It is important these finishes are removed first to clean your floor!

Ask About Tile Sealer

Grease. Mud. Drinks. Pets. Kids. There’s always something going on in the kitchen – but when your floors are protected, you don’t have to worry. Sealer keeps your hard surfaces cleaner longer by repelling spills and messes keeping them on the surface giving you time to easily clean the mess.

No More Crying Over Spilled Drinks. Add sealer to your cleaning.

Reduce Floor Care Cost With Well Maintained Floors

Routine Maintenance

A show room shine is achieved when the floor finish is clean and smooth. Soils scratch the protective coating causing the surface to become rough and less reflective. Daily and weekly maintenance keeps your floor free of dirt and debris that abrade the smooth finish.

Interim Maintenance

Top layers discolor and dull eventually. Interim maintenance services such as Clean and Buff or Scrub and Re-Coats remove these layers that have become damaged. A Clean and Buff removes micro scratches and maintains the high gloss shine. Scrub and Re-Coating removes the damaged layers of finish and replaces them with new finish extending the time between costly full strip outs.

Restorative Maintenance

Traffic and soils eventually take their toll on the finish. When routine and interim maintenance procedures no longer produce the desired results, complete refinishing is required. The stripping process involves the use of floor strippers to break down the layers of finish. The emulsified finish is then removed, leaving the floors surface clean, film free, and ready for new finish.